PERSONALIZED DRUM INSTRUCTION When you learn how to play an instrument the quality of the instruction is only equal to the quality of the instructor. You not only need an experienced teacher to guide you down the path to learning, but you also need quality mentorship that's a by product of quality instruction. This is my top primary as a drum instructor. Each student is different, with various sets of needs, natural talent & playing abilities. I have been teaching drums for over 20 years now & the most rewarding thing for me as a drum instructor  is watching a student evolve & progress before my very eyes with each lesson.





TOPICS & INSTRUMENTS  Below are just some of Topics covered. 





- Good Practice Habits

- Warm-up's

- Drum Tuning

- Syncopation

- Linear Drumming

- Reading Sheet Music

- Drum Soloing

- Rudiments

- Improvising

- Classical Drum Concepts

- Moeller Technique

- Playing a Shuffle

- Double Bass Drumming

- Playing with Brushes

- Drum Fills

- Drum Composition

- Much More.....





- Rock

- Hard Rock

- Speed Metal

- Funk

- Country

- Jazz

- Latin

- Reggae

- Electronic drumming

- Drum Programming




- African

- Middle Eastern

- Asian

- Indian

- Classical





- Drum Kit (Basic to Full)

- Marching Snare

- Electronic Percussion

- Doumbek

- Timbales

- Udu

- Djembe

- Tabla

- Marimba

- Timpani






"The most rewarding thing for me as a drum instructor is watching

a student evolve & progress before my very eyes..."



- Bruce Burgess -  







CONTACT ME Contact me personally for a free consultation & to get information on my hourly rates, upcoming classes, schedules & workshops. 


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